Green Lamb Art
Green Lamb Art


b. 1986, HK.





Stephanie Cordero (on right) is 26 years old and a Pharmaceutical Marking Analyst. She is also an abstract artist specializing in a unique tribal style. Art has always been her passion and is her escape from the grind of coding and numbers. 

But it's not all 2 dimensional art here. Her better half, Midori Yamazaki (on left), also 26, is an Educational Assistant at a Special Education School. When she’s not working, she is creating unique pixel art from perler beads. Oh, and she's also an amazing dancer of many styles! 

Have a nice stay and enjoy the arts and crafts of Green Lamb!  

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What is Green Lamb?

When you take the Japanese name Midori, "Green" and the Spanish name, Cordero "Lamb" and put them together....*POOF* Cultural diversity, various backgrounds creating new art, and a really cool name!

So why the fox? What the fox?

The artists met because Midori found Stephanie’s artwork online and fell in love with a drawing of a fox she did, and the rest is history. The fox brought them together and it is their symbol.